After a long time of research, in 2022 Lipo proudly introduce the product set Lipo Healthy Food – “The green food for a healthy life”. This is a branch of Lipo’s brand that mainly focuses on professional nutrition products to become the leading brand in the green food product of Vietnam.

The first product to be introduced is Lipo Granola, a kind of cereal with main ingredients including oats and nutrition nuts, which was invented in 1863 and become popular in America in 1960 as a fast and healthy breakfast. The use of granola is provided a low calories meal, rich fiber from oats, and much necessary nutrition from nuts such as almonds, cashews, cranberries, and raisins, …

Close-up of Granola

Many are controversial around the category of granola: “Is granola a diet food?”. And the answer is “NO”, granola belongs to the clean food category that contributes to the healthy menu of every people. You can use granola as a snack or use it with milk, yogurt with other fruits to improve the savory and nutrition of the meal.

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