The next product from Lipo Healthy Food is Lipo Cashew nuts started with 3 flavors: Garlic butter, Cheese and wasabi, and Chilli lime.

According to scientific research, using cashew every day can help to improve heart, muscle, and neuron health. Moreover, it can help decrease the risk of having diabetes type 2, work as a cancer chemotherapy agent, promote the growth of blood cells (RBCs) to transfer oxygen through the body and improve the immune system, etc…

All products from Lipo Healthy Food are imported through a best-quality resource to guarantee the quality of the ingredients that are non-genetic modified, non-preservative chemical, and have a strict production process from many countries around the world such as America, Australia, India, Vietnam, …

After that, Lipo also has a high-standard selection process through both machines and humans to keep only the cashew nuts with great size and flavor for packaging. By using the special drying technology without oil, or preservatives and drying for a longer time, Lipo’s cashew can always keep the best original flavors.

There will be more flavors in the future, stay tune!

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