Lipo cream egg cookies

Lipo cream egg cookies are manufactured according to "3- NO" standards, ensuring safety and good for health:

  • No Preservatives
  • No synthetic sweeteners
  • No artificial colorings

100% fresh chicken eggs with 2 parts structure: the crispy & spongy core, the greasy, delicious & melty cream
Original taste, nutritious & health safety: 100% fresh coconut; 100% durian

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Lipo miniroll cake

The sponge cake is officially launched by Alphafood to the market from 2019 with 3 main flavors:

Lipo miniroll cake milk flavour, Lipo miniroll cake strawberry flavour, Lipo miniroll cake pandan flavour

Lipo cake is being exported to a lot of countries such as China, Korea, Myanmar, Japan...

Bánh kẹp kem

Bánh bông lan cuộn Lipo được Alphafood chính thức bán ra thị trường từ năm 2019 với ba hương vị chủ đạo: vị Sữa, vị Dâu, vị Lá DứaSản phẩm Bánh bông lan được xuất khẩu tới một số nước như Trung Quốc, Hàn Quốc, Myanmar, Nhật Bản...

Lipo milk wafer

Inheriting and developing the wafer technology line, Alphafood started to deploy milk wafer in 2020. 
Currently, the company is trying to research and develop other flavors such as soybean cream, peanut butter cream to meet the diverse demand of export markets

Lipo Energy Bar

In order to maximize the cracker technology line, in 2020 Alphafood started researching to serve the diverse demands of customer groups.
Currently, AlphaFood is developing Energy Bar products in the direction of supplement foods, providing micronutrients, enhancing fiber, vitamins (synthetic flavors from nuts, etc.) and can be produced according to the specific requirements of the partners/customers.

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