Lipo milk wafer

Inheriting and developing the wafer technology line, Alphafood started to deploy milk wafer in 2020. Currently, the company is trying to research and develop other flavors such as soy bean cream, peanut butter cream to meet the diverse demand of export markets

Liên hệ đặt hàng
Quy cách đóng gói
Packing 60G
thành phần/nguyên liệu

Wheat Flour



Milk Powder (3.7%)


Vegetable Oil

Synthetic Food Flavors (Milk, Vanilla)


Emulsifier (322(i))

Raising Agent (500(ii), 503(ii))

Protease Powder Treatment (1101(i))

Stabilizer (341(iii))

Ingredients Contains: Wheat Flour, Milk, Soy Lecithin"

thông tin dinh dưỡng
Items Per 100 g NRV%
Energy 2437 kJ 29%
Protein 6.8g 11%
Fat 39.5g 66%
Carbohydrate 50.6g 17%
Sodium 264mg 13%
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