Lipo cream egg cookies butter flavour

Besides keeping the golden core intact, the LIPO egg cookie butter flavour is blended with a special percentage of butter into the cream layer, bring a much more delicious taste right from the moment of first pieces.

Liên hệ đặt hàng
thành phần/nguyên liệu

Wheat flour

Egg (23.5%)


Refined palm oil

Milk powder

Butter (1%)

Emulsifiers (471, 475, 491)


Humectant (422)

Raising agent (500(ii))

Acidity regulators (341(i), 450(i))

Artificial butter flavour.

thông tin dinh dưỡng
Items Per 100 g NRV%
Energy 2380 kJ 28%
Protein 7.3g 12%
Fat 36.8g 61%
Carbohydrate 52.6g 18%
Sodium 258mg 13%
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